1. Establishment Of National Center In Big Data & Cloud Computing (NCBC)
2. Establishment Of National Center In Cyber Security (NCCS)
3. Lowcost Deep Learning Solution to Real-time Detection of Malaria
4. GCE R22 : Beyond Data Collection: Bringing actionable insights to immunization supervisors
5. Establishment Of National Center In Robotic & Automation
6. Research on Deep Learning Assisted Correspondence Estimation for Better 3D Reconstruction
7. Low Cost Radar
8. An Advance Coding Scheme For Wireless Communication In An Unknown Environment
9. AxVision – Application Specific Data -Aware, Approximate -Computing for Energy
10. Dielectric Metamaterials
11. Optical Network
12. Real Time System
13. Microwave Imaging system for Early Breast Cancer
14. WASA Lahore (Tubewells)